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good touch bad touch - poem

good touch bad touch - PPT (english)

good touch bad touch - PPT (hindi)​

good touch bad touch - PPT (marathi)​

good touch bad touch - PPT (gujarati)​

a new normal csa booklet​

child abuse handout​

child abuse handout​

touch poster with logo​

good touch bad touch video​

social distancing signages for workplace

social distancing signages for workplace marathi​

social distancing signages for workplace hindi​

social distancing signages for workplace kanada​

social distancing signages for workplace telugu​

our work during covid-19

Explaining COVID-19 and Why I Can't Go To School

ECA Remote Blended Learning in Early Years Education

ECA Helping Parents Choose Right Option for Education of Children during Pandemic

ECA Screen Safety Guidelines PPT

ECA Screen Safety Guidelines PDF

ECA Screen Safety Guidelines Poster

ECA IAP School Reopening

Child Assessment in Early and Primary Years during Virtual Learning Manual

IAP School Reopening

covid-19 guidelines

post guidelines in english​

post guidelines in marathi​

post guidelines in brazil​

To know more about our initiatives, please download the document here

covid-19 learnings

Mask Pehen Lo...

Wear A Mask...

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Teaching And Learning In ECCE- What We Know And What Matters #AskSwaLina

Importance Of Stories In Early Childhood

How To Talk To Your Children About Covid-19? With FMC

Children Can Only Aspire To What They Know Exists With ScooNews

Zelda The Zebra & The Mouse Teaches The Lion About Corona. Followed By An Interactive Session With Parents On Parenting, Quarantine And Home-Based Learning

Importance Of The Arts For Children During The Lockdown- Drama, Dance And Puppetry

ECA And APER Thanking Our Frontline Warriors... We Salute You All.....

The New Lion And The Mouse Story

Life Skills- Importance Of Teaching Home Chores To Children By ECA Mumbai Territory

Global Impact Of Covid19 On Early Years Education

Respecting And Valuing The Work Of Our Medical And Police Forces In These Testing Times

Home Based Learning- Pros And Cons? By ECA Aurangabad Territory

Story On How To Explain About Corona Virus To Children And Why They Cant Go To School

Parenting Youngest Children (3-8 Years) In The Lockdown Age- Solutions From Parenting Experts By Education World

Redefining Early Childhood Education In The Covid-19 Age By Education World

How Can Educators Effectively Use This Time In Professional Training And Development By ECA Mumbai

Multiple Intelligences In Early Childhood Education By ECA Gujarat Territory

Key Areas Of Concern During Covid Times By ECA Telangana

Making S.T.E.A.M. The Engine Of Leaning In ECE By Brainfeed Magazine

Importance Of Yoga And Other Indoor Physical Activities For Children By ECA Chhattisgarh

Chaos To Calm In Coved 19 By ECA Pune Territory

Parenthood Is A Journey- Learning At Every Step By ECA Gujarat Territory

7 Inspiring ECA-APER Talks That Every Educator Must Watch- Ep. 1

Math And Science At Home- Your Home Is Your Lab By ECA Mumbai Territory

Adapting Teaching And Learning To The Current Times By ECA Kolkata Territory

Post Covid-19 Expectations Of Parents From Schools By With Mommy Groups FB Page Owners

How Are Preschools Coping In This Coronovirus Pandemic? By ECA Delhi Territory

Role Of A Father In Early Childhood By Pritam

ECA Guidelines For Planning Home-Based Learning For Children By Harsha

Importance Of Indoor Physical Activities During Lockdown By ECA Nagpur Territory

A Tete-A-Tete With ECA Aurangabad's Educators

Cultivating Reading Habits During Lockdown And Beyond In Association With Podar Jumbo Kids, Scholastic, Cambridge And Square Tales

Navigate Online Learning By ECA Indore

Dr. Swati Popat Vats Talks About Developing 5 Essential Skills In Children By EdTech India

6 Inspiring ECA-APER Talks That Every Educator Must Watch- Ep. 2

Alternative Ways Of Learning By ECA PCMC Territory

Colloquy & Coffee By ECA Kolkata Territory

Enjoying Family Time During Lockdown By ECA Mumbai Territory

Families And Educators Supporting Learning At Home By ECA Kerala Territory

Gearing Up To Get Digital By ECA Pune Territory

Challenges To Solutions- Preschools, Teachers, Parents And Child By ECA Karnataka, Punjab And Haryana Territories

Ideas And Strategies To Handle The COVID19 Disruption Of The Education Ecosystem. Hear Our Experts Discuss The Challenges And Way Forward By ScooNews

A Webinar Cum Educators Book Review Series- ECA- Must Reads! A To Z Of Parenting By ECA Mumbai Territory

Unlocking The #LockerRoom- A Proactive And Solution-Based Conversation On Achieving An Attitude Shift In The Generation

Leadership In Recent Times By ECA Odisha Territory

A Webinar Cum Educators Book Review Series- ECA- Must Reads! A To Z Of Parenting By ECA Mumbai Territory


ECA Celebrates Mother’s Day With Folk Fitness

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