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The earliest years of a child’s life are a crucial time for learning — and right now is a crucial time for us to advocate for the future of our children and families. Advocacy for children has always been one of the core reasons for our existence. Here you can watch, listen to and read media commentary that we hope helps to shine a light on the issue and to achieve cultural change to better protect children.

10-point Formula to Curb Child Abuse

Education World

Toy Story: Parents Reinforce Stereotypes on Gender

Uniform Curriculum Likely in Pre-schools from Next Year

International Conference Mother and Baby

ECA Study Parents are Too Busy to Talk to Their Kids

ECA Media

A New Normal - Understand, Prevent, Heal

Better Interiors Advocacy in Media

Better Interiors Advocacy in Media

Better Interiors Advocacy in Media

Better Interiors Advocacy in Media

ECA in MetroLife Media Advocacy

ECA in DNA Advocacy in Media

ECA Launches
Kerela Chapter


ECA Quote in

ECA in Sakal
Media Advocacy

Media Advocacy

Media Advocacy

No Rights for Children with Special Needs

Prison Tie-up in
Pune Mirror

Step Forward
Hindutan Times

Step Forward
Hindutan Times

3rd International Conference Tarun Bharat

Technology Double-edged Sword in Early Education TOI

ECA in Samna Media Advocacy

ECA in Maharashtra Times Media Advocacy

TV Survey
Article TOI

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swati popat vats

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