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Post-COVID Guidelines for Reopening of Preschools and Daycares

THINKING OF REOPENING YOUR PRESCHOOL/ DAYCARE? We advise you to ensure that all your staff understands all the precautions given in our ‘ECA school reopening manual’, by completing our FREE certified training.


About this course

Post COVID Guidelines for Re-opening of Preschools and Daycares is an online program that highlights comprehensive guidelines for preschools and daycares for re-opening post lockdown. These guidelines will be of enormous assistance to those engaged educating children in a safe and secure environment.

Modules include:

I. Introduction

II. COVID measures at the Centre (preschools and daycares)

III. Guidelines for training staff and teachers to be ready for a smooth reopening

IV. Guideline to prepare parents for a smooth post Covid reopening

V. Guideline to prepare children to be safe and healthy while attending school/daycare

VI. Additional action points

What you’ll learn

This course will help you understand how to keep your centre ready for reopening, as and when the government permits, for under 10 year olds. The course is divided into four sections, with children last as we have to ‘put the COVID (oxygen) mask on us first before looking after them’!

I. COVID measures at the Centre

II. COVID measures for staff

III. COVID measures for parents

IV. COVID measures for children

Who can take this course?

Open to all educators and parents

Additional Info

Additional information

Additional Benefits

*This is a CERTIFIED course and comes to you FREE of cost.
You can enroll and complete it at your convenience*