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Yash and Yashika Learn About Coding

Story cum activity book on coding for young children


about this book

The scholastic precoding storivity series is a set of two books: pre-basic and basic. This is the pre-basic coding book

Author: Dr. Swati Popat Vats

Suitable for children: 4 – 6 years

Language: English

Published by: Scholastic

What You’ll Learn

In this engaging story, your child will join Yash and Yashika as they learn about the world of robots. They will learn precoding terms like sequence, code, loop, if-then conditionals, debug, and algorithms: all through everyday play activities. Coding primes young brains to think, understand and apply. This story will not only teach your child about codes and coding but also help your child to think logically in an application-based manner.