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A not-for-profit National Association | Registration No: MRM-1082 2011-G.B.B.S.D
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Cognitive Skills Training Program

Get enrolled in India’s first researched and copyrighted *INCLUSION STUDY PROGRAM* – Masterclasses.

Learn exclusively about integrated knowledge of inclusion in mainstream classes .

Course Highlights-

  1. Understanding of Denver Model (ESDM), Multiple Intelligence Theory and various early intervention scales
  2. Helping teachers/educators in mainstream/inclusion schools to get equipped with early identification of children at classroom level and to be able to do early interventional and referrals.
  3. Helping teachers/educators to adapt curriculum according to child’s educational, emotional and sensory needs.
  4. Providing classroom strategy to enhance working classroom environment
  5. Equipping teachers/educators with possible management at their classroom level.
  6. Exploring whole new domains (14 domains) of cognition including mental health and its importance in early stages.


Early bird starting – 15th March to 30th March 2024

Course registration ending – 15th April 2024

Commencement of classes- 22nd April, 2024

Duration: 3 months

Live Online sessions with Faculty

Certificate of Completion

Fee Structure ECA Members – Rs 10,000/- INR

Non-ECA Members – Rs 11000/- INR

Early bird for both ECA and non ECA members Rs 9000/-


Terms and Conditions-

  1. Please note that applicable government taxes and processing charges are not included in the above price.
  2. No refund on cancellation.
  3. In case the event is cancelled due to an emergency, then no cash refund will be provided but the amount can be used in another event.


Additional Info

Additional information

Starting from

22nd April 2024




3 months

What you will receive

Certificate of completion