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Child Guardianship Policy for Schools (e-booklet)

An ECA-APER presentation in association with the Child Rights Foundation

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Divorce is bitter for most couples but when the couples are ‘parents’ then there is the added issue of child custody that can create stress for all involved. It is important for parents to understand that when they divorce, they are ending the husband and wife relationship and not that of being parents of their child!

It is important for parents to work towards making their divorce less stressful for their children and to not ask them to take sides,  remember, you are divorcing your spouse, your children are not divorcing their parents!

Schools must also be aware of child custody laws and policies in order to support both parents during their legal procedures. Many times, schools are clueless and end up unconsciously supporting incorrect practices and making the custody battle more prolonged.  School staff is generally confused about who to hand over the child’s report card or what to do if both parents want a copy or whom to hand over the child to or whether both have visitation rights to the child in school.

This booklet is a much-needed document by ECA-APER in association with Child Rights Foundation for schools to understand the rights and responsibilities of both parents and the school regarding custody of children during a divorce or separation process.