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play is the work of childhood

“Play is the work of childhood” is packed with a punch…sorry bunch of activities, games and ideas that parents can use to enhance their playtime with kids. So give battery-operated toys the boot.


Play in its truest form is slowly disappearing from children’s lives. As kids spend more time with television and other activities we are seeing the slow deterioration of social skills. Children are losing their ability to make friends, their ability to accept winning and defeat and we will have to soon deal with the loss of ‘sporting spirit’
There is no time spent on chatting with family during dinner time (as dinner is usually in front of the television) and ‘neighbourhood play’ has lost its appeal to children because of too many cars and hence no place for kids to play or just that children are too busy with their ‘scheduled lifestyles’ and hence have no time to play with friends.
It is to save all of the above that this book was written, to give play its correct position in the lives of children, and what better gift than to have them play with their moms and dads!