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No! I am not series


‘No! I am not…’ is a series of story-cum-activity books that can be used in the curriculum or at home to help children learn about unusual animals. It would engage them in different STEAM and coding activities, facts, and rhymes. The other books in this series are- No! I am not a kangaroo! and No! I am not an elephant!




Titles Include –

1. No! I am not a Kangaroo

This book helps children explore the world of animals in Australia and the story is in a simple question-and-answer format, to promote questioning as a necessary skill in education and research. Each animal gives a reason why it is not a kangaroo and this will help children understand, compare, and contrast the different animals, birds, and insects.

2. No! I am not a Takin

This book is rich with activities, facts and rhymes and will help children learn about the names and unique features of different animals found in India. It is time we celebrated the abundant animal heritage of every country and continent and help children know about, hear about, and see these animals in pictures, stories, etc.

3. No! I am not an Elephant

The book is a treasure trove of facts, rhymes and details about each of the animals in the story. At the end of the book are activities that can be used to teach children about sequencing, counting, comparing, following directions, finding differences, similarities and other higher order thinking skills (also called coding skills!).