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No! I am not a Takin…

Author – Dr. Swati Popat Vats


about this book

Bhutan is a green country and has worked hard for ensuring a safe and clean environment that is sustainable for its citizens.

Today, we want our children to read, write and count but we need to teach a most important skill to children preservation. And because children learn by imitation, we must first practice preservation for children to learn and imbibe it from us. The flora and fauna of the world belong to our children, and us but if we do not know about the treasure that belongs to us then how will we preserve it? This book is a small attempt to help children learn about the fauna of the beautiful country called Bhutan. This is dedicated to the people of Bhutan, a green country that is doing so much to ensure that our children inherit a better world.

Nature and coding are a great and unique mix to give children in a storybook, and this book does just that! Children learn about the animals, birds, and insects of Bhutan and then do some basic coding (non-screen, non-app) activities to reinforce their learning, love, and connections to these animals.

Enjoy the book, and share it with as many as possible as the natural world is ours to treasure and safeguard.