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Ms. Pencil and her Team

Authored by

Dr. Swati Popat Vats


Learning to write in the early years is linked to the child’s development and is a skill that needs nurturing. If writing is not introduced in a developmentally appropriate manner, then children end up hating writing for life!

This book is designed to help teachers and parents understand that writing with a pencil requires some foundational activities commonly termed as ‘writing readiness’. Before we give a pencil in a child’s hand we need to introduce the child to the writing implement in a fun manner so that children become friends with the ‘pencil’ and writing activities.

This book is a fun story cum activity book that introduces children to writing readiness activities through a pencil and her team of eraser, scissor, and sharpener. The articles at the end of the book are a must-read for all teachers and parents so that children grow up with the right foundation of writing readiness in Early Childhood Education.