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Cognitive Skills Training Program (Level 2)

Conducted by:
COG ED INNOVATIONS (Cognitive Skills Training Institute)
Enroll yourself in the first-ever licensed and researched INCLUSION TRAINING PROGRAM in India and become a “Cognitive Skills Trainer” in a mainstream school setup.
Join lectures from eminent faculty of inclusion studies and special education from India and abroad.
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*Learning Goals of Cognitive skills training program *
1. Candidates will be able to learn about the latest researched concepts on inclusivity in mainstream schools.
2. Getting to know about school readiness or preparedness of children with special needs in mainstream inclusion criteria.
3. Preparing manpower to handle the inclusive environment in a mainstream school/setup.
4. Equipping learners with knowledge new learning environment post-pandemic for inclusion and learner with learning issues or special needs.
5. Learning the use of advanced technology or artificial intelligence in a classroom environment and enhancing productivity in a mainstream inclusive classroom

*Learning Outcomes *
After completion of the program, the leaner will have —
1. knowledge of the latest concept of worldwide researched topics in inclusion studies and upgraded knowledge of handling children with unique needs in a mainstream setup.
2. Implementing the latest upgraded use of assistive technology and dot code technology in an inclusive setup.
3. Learning about how to handle and improve learning outcomes of children with special needs in a mainstream inclusive classroom.
4. Learning about UDL and therapeutic adaptions and their importance in a mainstream classroom.


1. Candidates who have passed level 1 of the cognitive skills training program and have respective certifications (optional).
2. M.Ed / Inclusive education certificate from a recognized university.
3. Heads/coordinators of schools having more than 10 years of teaching experience.
4. Masters in psychology + 5 years of experience and M.phil / P.hd.

Additional Info

Additional information


2 months


8 live lectures for one month
Self-learning assignment for next 1 month

Course Starts

30th May 2022

Registrations Close

30th April 2022