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Cognitive Skills Training Program (Level 1)

Conducted by:
COG ED INNOVATIONS (Cognitive Skills Training Institute)
Enroll yourself in the first-ever licensed and researched INCLUSION TRAINING PROGRAM in India and become a “Cognitive Skills Trainer” in a mainstream school setup.
Join lectures from eminent faculty of inclusion studies and special education from India and abroad.
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What you’ll learn?

– understanding of Denver Model (ESDM). Multiple Intelligence Theory and various early intervention scales)

– helping teachers/mainstream educators in mainstream/inclusion schools to get equipped with early identification of children at the classroom level and to be able to take early interventions and referrals

– helping teachers/mainstream educators to adapt curriculum according to child’s educational, emotional and sensory needs

– providing classroom strategy to enhance the working in a classroom environment

– helping teachers/educators with possible management at classroom level

– exploring 14 new domains of cognition, including mental health and its importance in early

Who Can Take This Course

All educators



-B.Ed / M.Ed

-D.Ed / B.Ed (Special Education)

– M.A. / B.A. (Psychology)

Additional Info

Additional information


3 months


12 live lectures in 1.5 month
self-study for the next 1.5 months

Course Starts

15th May 2022

Registrations Close

15th April 2022