APER Workshops March - April 2021

This is an incredible opportunity to avail of strategies shared FREE for all members that will help you skill up on topics that will no doubt create impact in your virtual and physical classrooms when they do open.


About this course

6 Workshops by Dynamic Educators – Every Friday – From March 12 to April 16

What You’ll Learn

I. SEL’s – Building for Life Success with Ms. Kusum Kanwar

II. Reading and Storytelling for Language Development – with Ms. Misbah Ali

III. Creative Assessments with Dr. Seema Negi

IV. Experiential Learning with Ms. Preeti Pasricha

V. Making Thinking Visible with Dr. Jaya Parekh

VI. Art Enhanced Curriculum with Ms. Naimisha Sanghvi

Who Can Take This Course

Open to all educators

Additional Info


4 -5 pm each Friday

Skills You Gain

SELs - Building for Life Success

Reading and Storytelling for Language Development

Creative Assessments

Experiential Learning

Making Thinking Visible

Art Enhanced Curriculum